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SyncPlay is a real-time automated reception software

› Customize the buttons (player) with the colors you want, make it look like your station by adding the *logo.
(*functionality available for the Gold version)

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• A great infinity of utilities are allowed.
• Our goal was to develop a system that could work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Digital transformation is already a reality in the market, with many people and companies adopting a series of tools to automate their routines. Along this path, cloud storage services appear on the rise, offering numerous benefits. "We adopted this reality from the beginning and 90% of our system is in the cloud, via online connection, making the application lighter and more robust, as it only has 10% local system."

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Extremely fast response time, low CPU usage and minimal latency. All processing is done in the cloud by our robust server; SyncPlay Broadcast Software, preserving the computer's ram memory and processor from the air.

SyncPlay Broadcast Software offers customers a highly proven audio handling and management system, with the necessary functionalities to cover all your needs and, at the same time, with a robustness that guarantees the continuity of transmissions in the face of any unforeseen events.

...We are proud to say that the quality of our work is what guarantees the trust of more than 350 radio stations throughout Brazil and countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.
We don't stop working and every day our innovations are thought out, mainly in the satisfaction of those who work with the means of communication most present in the lives of Brazilians.

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"Excellent system to link the air studio to the transmission tower and in addition, it broadcasts A Voz do Brasil directly on the tower, leaving the studio off the air with local programming on the website, app and on social media.

Antonio Braz

"With SyncPlay we rebroadcast A Voz do Brasil on Fm Cidade, provided by the City Council on Thursdays. We broadcast the Masses live on Sundays and much more. Thanks SyncPlay Broadcast, you guys aren't fantastic.

Adílson Dias Batista

"I want to thank Sabrina Pinheiro for the excellent system, with it, we no longer have problems with scheduled retransmissions because SyncPlay has excellent configuration tools. Radio Mais Fm indicates for all stations.

Joelson de Moraes


By Sabrina Pinheiro - Itapetininga/SP

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