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SyncPlay Broadcast Software customers can contact support via the links below

› Questions frequently.
Frequently answered questions.

› Watch the demo video.
Get to know the functionalities of the SyncPlay system in practice.

› Support anytime via WhatsApp.
If necessary, contact us, we will be available to assist you in a few minutes.

› Download and install AnyDesk.

› Consult help.
Through the help link, the user will be able to solve their most frequent doubts about the settings of the SyncPlay application.

› Register access.
Have you just purchased SyncPlay? Then just register your data to have access to the application.

› To exchange Machine ID.
When necessary, the user can request a machine change using the same access login.

› Links to the program A Voz do Brasil program.
The program traditionally airs from 7 to 8 pm and brings official information produced by the Executive Powers, Judiciary and Legislative.
It is of mandatory dissemination (except in exceptional cases where the Executive Branch exempts), whose transmission must occur in Monday to Friday (except holidays) on all Brazilian radio stations.

› Links to the Brazilian Legal Hour Services Division DISHO.
The Brazilian Legal Time Services Division (DISHO) of the National Observatory (ON), according to Brazilian legislation, it is the only institution legally designated to generate, conserve and disseminate the Brazilian legal time (HLB), as well as carrying out research and development in the field of time and frequency metrology.

› Converter text.
The convert text to UPPERCASE tool, converts text to lowercase, Title style (all words begin with a capital letter), invert case (if capital is lowercase, if it is lowercase, it is capitalized), First Letter Word: the first letter of each word is capitalized.

› Check any SITE's domain or IP address using the WHOIS tool.
WHOIS is a protocol in the TCP/IP stack (port 43) specifically for querying contact and DNS information about entities on the internet. An entity on the internet can be a domain name, an IP address or an AS (Autonomous System). For each entity, the WHOIS protocol presents three types of contact: Administrative Contact (Admin Contact), Technical Contact (Technical Contact) and Billing Contact. These contacts are information the responsibility of the internet provider, which appoints them in accordance with the internal policies of its network.

› Leave your opinion.
Your opinion is very important for us to improve our system even more.


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